Yalaleke Fikir - Part 232 Kana TV Drama


In this video, I talk about the experience I had 1 year ago where I was hit by a car while riding my bike in Oldenburg, Germany. I'm an American who was in Germany learning German. I will be moving back to Germany in a couple months :)

Hi! My name is Lamblike and I lived in Germany for 2.5 years where I studied a masters program and took intensive German classes. I am on youtube to share my love of learning about other cultures: specifically, German culture. I plan to make many videos where I compare American and German culture, including some videos where I will practice German. Please subscribe, like the video, and follow along every week for a new video. :)

I will be moving back to Germany in the future so I also appreciate any help that my viewers would like to give me to save up for the visa and the move. If you want to send me a donation from one of the links below, I would love to make a video just for you on my channel ($45 and above will get your own video) :) Please let me know what you would like me to make to:

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Yalaleke Fikir | ያላለቀ ፍቅር
Yalaleke Fikir - Part 232 Kana TV Drama
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